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Extraordinary 20’s [Making in Seoul]

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ウタ | Uta


ウタ | Uta

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봄날, 벚꽃 그리고 너(Spring, cherry blossoms and you) - 에피톤 프로젝트

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-Jinsei wa ryouba no ken, ki wo tsukete. - Life is a double-edged sword, be careful.  (via hokyoku)

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記憶 by 井波ハトコ(仕事募集中)


記憶 by 井波ハトコ(仕事募集中)

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Wassup guys! I have finally saved enough money for my 4th giveaway /hooray/ This time I’m making it big because I will be graduating high school and national exam is coming soon /sobs/ anyway I will like to thanks everyone who follows me for these 3 years and i love you all. 

p.s: sorry for ugly gifs, im bad in editing…

  1. Diamond print sweat top
  2. Pastel green long sleeve sweat top
  3. Printed snowman green sweat
  4. Leather & pink skater skirt
  5. Printed creeper (pink/black/green)
  6. Cute rainbow bag
  7. Etude house BB cream
  8. Etude House Milk Cream Shower Shampoo
  9. My Beauty Diary mask
  10. Hologram backpack
  11. Totoro plush 75CM
  12. Animal Jelly coin pouch
  13. 3 albums of your choice
  14. A phone case made by me
  1. Mickey mouse printed black sweat top
  2. Flower print black sweat top
  3. Denim skater skirt
  4. Striped Sandals (?)[Idk what to name this oops]
  5. Round ribbon bag
  6. Pokemon plush 35CM
  7. An album of your choice
  8. A phone case made by me

There will be 4 winners in this giveaway, the first two gets the prizes stated above, the other 2 will receive a mystery gifts from me. 

  • Must be following me and asian-shiwu
  • Reblog up to 5 times a day only, don’t spam your followers
  • Like is not counted but as a reference
  • Send me a message, it could be about anything like “hi” reason you join this giveaway etc please send or not your entry will not be counted. I just want to meet everyone and be friends.
  • If you are under 18, please ask your parents for permission to give me your contact information.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Please don't ask for photo proof because all items will only be ordered after winner is chosen. Thank you^^
(I accidentally deleted the original post, please don’t be surprised if tge post is not found. The gw will go on until July/August)

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